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Zakat-ul-Fitr Distribution

Financial Assistance

Kansas City

In 2018 ICNA Relief Kansas City teamed up with ICJC, KCrefugees and Girls Scouts to support the nationwide BackToSchool cause and packed and distributed numerous bags of supplies to local kids in need.

Food Pantry

Back to School program.

The Women's Transitional home located in Raytown, MO was started in the year 2011. It is one of the very first Muslim run Women's shelter in the whole of KC area serving both Muslims and Non Muslim women and children. 

Apart from just providing a place to stay, it provides necessary guidance and action plans that enables the residents to find a job and get back on their feet. Since its beginning, the shelter continuously serves more around 80 women and children every year.

Estimated cost to run the shelter per year is approximately 130k dollars which includes the salary of a full time employee, utilities, maintenance, monthly stipend to the residents to cover their other needs. 

Please donate to this noble cause and God Willingly your invaluable support will be rewarded by God Almighty.

Feed the Hungry

Feed the Hungry/Mercy on Wheels is one of the oldest yet one of the most current program ICNA RELIEF KC is running. It all started back in 2008 when a group of volunteers would gather, prepare some meal and distribute it to homeless and needy people in downtown KC area.  Now, every other Saturday a team of volunteers prepare  around 40 sacks  of food containing sandwiches, chips, juice/water and another team picks it up and distributes it to homeless people in and around downtown KC area. The response you get by people is simply heart melting. You get  enormous blessings, smiles that inspires most of our volunteers to come back again and again.

Again, this is only possible by Almighty God's support and donations by the community members. Please help us continue this this cause by donating whatever you can.

ICNA Relief Kansas City is a local chapter of the National level ICNA RELIEF USA. We are always at the forefront in providing unbiased relief and support to the needy and helpless individuals/families of the Greater Kansas City area. We have several ongoing relief and social service projects such as  the Women's transitional home, Food pa​ntry, Feed the hungry , Financial assistance, Back to school and Natural disaster relief. We do this with the grace of Almighty God and the generous support of our donors and volunteers. Check the below sections for more details on individual project.

Every Ramadan we distribute Zakat-ul-Fitr to families who we help on a regular basis. The amount is $10 per person.


Women's Transitional Home

The Financial Assistance program is another active projects ICNA Relief Kansas city is working on. This program aims to help families/individuals with low income cover emergency situations such as Overdue Rent, Utilities, insurance payments, car repair, tuition, etc.

Recipients of this service has to file an application through our coordinator who then

presents the case to the shura who after due diligence accepts/rejects the application. 

In the year 2018, around 15 families were assisted and around 13K dollars were given to help them meet their dues. All of the reward for this goes to every single donor. Join the cause by donating anything.

The Food Pantry project was started in the year 2016 following the success of the transitional home and in the year 2017 year it was able to serve 4275 people, totaling nearly $300,000 worth of food. Most of the recipients include elderly retired citizens, refugees, single mothers and families with low income.

In Ramadan 2017, it distributed 450 food baskets to our needy brothers and sisters.

Again, this was only possible by God's grace and numerous donations by the community members and volunteers.

We are in constant need of donations to stack our shelves of the pantry with food and other basic hygiene related items.